Blue Devils News · 16 swimmers head to Charleston for State Championships

Swim team stays focused and poised!!!


The smiles of success through uncertain times.

2020 hasn’t been the friendliest year to many sports programs through the nation and swimming was no exception.  Still lurking in the midst was the uncertainty of having a season and how much of a season would it be.  Through turmoil, schedule changes, flexibility, Dreher swim Coaches Coach Kelly and Coach Lauren have showed unbelievable focus throughout the season.  In addition to what some would call the “weirdest sports season ever,” at least in our lifetime, senior night was even shared with AC Flora who graciously allowed the Dreher swim team to share their stage with the seniors.  Big gift baskets with monogrammed towels, that some of the moms worked on, were given to the seniors and they’ll also receive hand quilted blankets after the season to show Dreher swimmers how much love and care the coaches shared for each student athlete to make the season even more memorable and special.

Dreher swimmers wave for the camera before they make waves in the pool
So what better to send off your team and it’s seniors during an unforgettable year that you have had no control over you ask?  Great question.  Keep your teams so focused and so poised they have no choice but to succeed.  Dreher boys and girls will feature 16 athletes this weekend with 8 girls and 8 boys attending the meets. Girls meet is Saturday and the boys meet is Sunday, both down in North Charleston.
Girls: Hannah Ammons, Liza Edgar, Eleanor Wachtel, Catie Willm, Lydia Conte, Jane Koch, Sam Norris, Lilly Ammons
Boys: Adam Dornik, Landon Harrison, Alex Outen, Charlie Wheeler, lleyton Harrison, Achilles hahn, Quinn Carter, Giovanni Guido

When asked about the memorable season Coach Kelly said, “Dreher swimming had an incredible regular season. Through all of the ups and downs that the pandemic has brought with it, the blue devils rallied around each other and stopped at nothing to have the best season for their teammates. We have 16 well-deserved swimmers, 8 of those being seniors, that will be attending state meet this weekend at North Charleston’s brand new state of the art facility. Coach Lauren and I are looking forward to watching the blue devils compete at the championship level – they have done the preparation, now is the fun part, swimming fast for their school!”

Swimmers dive in to be the best in the state. .
Congratulations to the coaches and student athletes of Dreher High School Swim team for your excellence in such time of adversity.  We wish you well and nothing but continued success.  Be well and be safe as greatness awaits you..
If you’d like to watch Dreher compete in the Swim State Championships you may find information at the link provided below: