Blue Devils News · Who is the Best of Blue?

Find out Monday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m.

The BEST OF BLUE is the new Espy-style format for our annual end-of-year athletic awards program, showcasing the best performances, teams, and individuals in Dreher Athletics. We will have limos, a blue carpet, DJ, and emcee!

ALL Varsity athletes ARE invited. We are only inviting Varsity due to seating capacity and the fact that they should have had their own gatherings by team already. Varsity athletes will stand and be recognized BY TEAM and SEASON during the awards program. They will not be brought up on stage unless their team wins team of the Year (nominations are already in and the teams nominated will know.)

All Varsity AB Honor Roll will be asked to stand and be recognized during the program. Again, by season.

All-Region and All-State selections will be recognized ON STAGE during the program by SPORT and SEASON.

All individual BEST OF BLUE nominees need to report to the front of the school NO LATER than 5:45 on Monday.


This is a dress to impress event for the students.
Males: minimum is a coat/tie
Females: appropriate semi-formal/formal attire.

Guests and Parking

We ask each nominee and award recipient to limit their guests to 2, in order to accommodate everyone!
Guests and athletes are asked to park in the student parking lot for the event.

Guests will enter the auditorium through the doors on the right, while the athletes walk the blue carpet to enter the event.