Blue Devils News · Dreher Facilities FAQ

Dreher High School is in the process of planning upgrades to our existing property as part of a district-wide athletic facilities improvement plan to create a better, more attractive and safer place for our athletes to practice and compete. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the project.


Is Dreher building a stadium?

No. The new athletic field is designated a site competition field. Its primary purposes will be as a practice field and physical education field. However, it will have the capability to host JV football games and soccer matches. Varsity football games will remain at Memorial Stadium.

To get a better idea of the scope of the project, you can take a look at the current construction at AC Flora. Dreher is scheduled to receive the same field currently under construction at AC Flora, so a quick visit will eliminate any fear that a stadium is being built.


Does building the Dreher athletic field have any impact on athletic facility upgrades at AC Flora? 

No. Each athletic facility improvement project in the District stands on its own. The site competition field for AC Flora is currently under construction, and it will serve AC Flora students in the same manner the Dreher field will serve its students. Specifically, the AC Flora site competition field will host JV football games and soccer matches, and it will also be used as a practice field and for physical education classes.


Does the AC Flora administration support updated athletic facilities at Dreher? 

Yes. Similar to the Dreher Administration, the AC Flora administration supports athletic facility improvements at all schools across District One, including Dreher.

Dreher and AC Flora are not the only schools getting facility upgrades. These improvements along with many others are part of the Richland District One facility upgrades for all the schools in the District. The changes will allow the students to have access to similar facilities already enjoyed by the surrounding schools in the Lexington/Richland area.

The bond has already passed and the funds are available to pay for the improvements. City Council needs to approve a zoning change to allow Dreher to receive the upgrades that the other District schools are receiving.


Why is Dreher getting new tennis courts? 

The current tennis courts face east to west rather than north to south, there are insufficient courts to host a match, and are unusable for official South Carolina High School League tennis matches.

The Dreher tennis teams have been forced to play and practice offsite and have forfeited matches that were not finished before other private leagues were granted the use of the courts.


What is the proposed seating capacity of the new athletic field?

The original design called for a maximum total seating of 900. However, after consultation with the neighborhood, the District has reduced the capacity to 750. By way of reference, the Home and Visitor side bleachers at Memorial Baseball stadium have the capacity for 315 patrons respectively. Each bleacher holds approximately 150 patrons, so it is a good place to visit to get an idea of what the seating will look like for the proposed field on campus.


Will the athletic field and tennis courts have lights? 

The design includes lights for both the tennis courts and the athletic field. The final design and specifications for the lights will be released once completed, but preliminary plans call for lights that are directed toward the courts and are lower than the height of lights allowed at Columbia municipal parks. The proposed use of the lights has been restricted to 9:00 p.m. pending approval.


When will competitions be held at the tennis courts?

Girls tennis is a Fall sport, and boys tennis is a Spring sport. The competition calendar for both typically runs from August 15th through November 15th and February 15th through May 1st, respectively.


When will competitions be held at the athletic field?

The JV football season is over by November 1st each season. Soccer season runs from February 15th through early May. Under current scheduling practices, the girls’ soccer program and boys’ soccer program do not play home matches during the same week.


Will neighborhood traffic be negatively impacted on competition dates? 

No. The exclusive means of ingress and egress for the campus will remain on Millwood Ave.


How can I help?


Share this information with your friends and neighbors. Send emails of support to City Council members. Plan now to attend the City Council meeting to address the zoning request at 7:00 p.m. on May 16, 2017. The meeting will take place at City Hall on the 3rd floor – 1737 Main St..

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